4 Key Steps to Consider When Applying for Study Visa in Canada

Study In Canada Without IELTS
Study In Canada Without IELTS

Applying for a study visa as a student in any university outside your country especially in Canada requires a careful step and a thorough study of the country’s requirements. This had become a daunting task to many students who are willing and eager to acquire a study visa to study in Canada. It will be of good help to lead our students who want  to acquire  a study visa to study in Canada. The following are the four steps to be taken when applying for study visa in Canada. 

Decide on which language you want to be communicated in.  

Canada is made of two language speaking pacts. one section of the  country speaks French and the other also speak English. To have a successful and without complications pertaining to communication, it is very important for every student who is eager to study in Canada to consider which language he or she is fluent in speaking.  

Program or prepare yourself 

once a student is sure of what kind of language whether English or French he or she is comfortable to take the course in, the next thing to do is to program or prepare yourself.

Decide on the Institution you want to study in. 

since you have been able to take your stance which language to be communicated in, it is also important to consider which institution you are going to take your course in since you are going to be asked of an evidence of proficiency test which will guarantee whether you have a command in a given language or not  Try also to make list of those institutions that  are offering your course of study. More importantly search for those that are renowned and offer scholarships. Check on some of the Best top 10 universities in Canada according to QS World University Rankings

  1. university of Toronto 
  2. MC Gill University 
  3. university of British Columbia
  4. university of Alberta 
  5. Université de Montréal
  6. McMaster University
  7. University of Waterloo 
  8. Western University
  9. University of Calgary 
  10. Queen’s University      

Get the necessary documents from the university website. 

it is important to scan through the University’s website and get all the needed documents fill them and create different folders for them if possible. 

Apply to the institution. 

after getting all the required document carefully  filled and separated, apply to the institution you have chosen. in line with this, make sure you have carefully filled the visa forms and attach to the submission the required documents. 

Apply for Scholarship  

After applying to the institution the next step to be taken is to read and pay attention to scholarship notices, and also watch carefully each institution and  its criteria for awarding scholarship. 

Apply for a Visa

Last thing to be done is to apply for a visa after you have received a scholarship and acceptance letter from the institution you have chosen. see below  the type of student visas 


SX-1 – this is the visa for short courses, ie up to 24 weeks. Need a letter of acceptance from the educational institution.

V-1 – is a tourist visa but can be used for courses of up to 24 weeks.

S-1 Study Permit – for courses longer than 24 weeks, regardless of course type. 

To fast-track  the exchange process it is advisable to get an exchange agency to take you through the process. 


  1. Acceptance letter: The first thing to note is that you have acceptance letter from the institution you applied for 
  2. You must have a passport that has at least six months of validity.
  3. Show that you will return immediately after the program to your country of origin  
  4. Prove that you can support yourself in Canada during the period you will be studying there. The amount varies according to the period you will stay there.
  5. Send the documentation entirely and make all your travel plans clear