How Is The Hair Freezing Contest Done?

The International Hair Freezing Contest is sculptured hair competition held at Takhini Hot Springs Resort in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. 
Participants in the annual competition sit in hot spring and sculpt their wet hair in cold temperatures. 
The hair freezes after about minute.  The form of their hair at that time represents their contest entry.The contest is held each February and was started in 2011. The first prize for frozen hair is $2000


How to Win a Hair-Freezing Contest in Northern Canada - Atlas Obscura

How is hair freezing done?

First, immerse your head in the hot springs and thoroughly wet your hair. 
(They promise that freezing your hair will not harm it.) 
Allow the cold air to gradually freeze your hair. 
Visitors are advised to keep their ears warm by periodically immersing them in hot water.


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Effects of Cold Weather on Hair

Similarly to how too much humidity affects your hair, too little humidity — such as what occurs during the winter — can cause your hair to become dry, flat, and brittle. 
As result, you’ll notice unsightly side effects like split ends.