Time management at work: how to do more and better

time management

Time management at work needs to be efficient if we want to take care of everything. After all, with so much to do, the hours seem to go by faster, don’t they? 

In addition, meeting goals also leads to the need to manage time better. That’s because, in the business world, time is money! 

In other words, the demand and pressure for results are often high in the organizational environment. But when time management is put into practice at work, there are many benefits perceived by both professionals and companies.   

Do you want to learn how to better manage your time to have a more productive and, at the same time, less stressful work routine? 

So stay with us and check out the content we have prepared on the subject!

Why do good time management at work?

You may have heard someone say that time is the most valuable asset we have. This is because it is through it that we can plan our moments of work, leisure and rest. But are you making the most of your time at work? 

Managing time is planning everything you need to do and calculating the hours dedicated to each activity. Meanwhile, managing time at work also means adopting good habits to organize tasks and have a lighter routine.  

In this sense, better time management contributes to increasing not only your income, but also your well-being. Therefore, planning the routine at work also generates impacts on health. In addition, professionals who manage their time efficiently, work smarter and are more productive. 

In short, they do more tasks in less time and often have time off between activities. On the other hand, professionals who do not organize and do not plan are always late. Therefore, time management at work is an indispensable strategy.  

Although it seems simple, in the corporate world this concept gains a little more complexity. This is because, more and more, we have multitasking professionals, with several demands to be delivered. 

How to manage time at work?

Do you usually arrive at work thinking about the thousand things you have to do? Answering emails, returning that call, finishing the report, meeting with the team… 

With such a huge list, you don’t know where to start or if you’ll be able to complete everything? So, check out the top tips from experts for good time management at work: 

Create a priority list

Keep in mind your priority tasks, that is, the ones that need to be done first. Also, pay attention to those activities that are most urgent. After solving all this, move on to the others. 

Want a tip? List and organize items into categories and due dates. Thus, you will have a better view of the time required to perform each task.  

To ensure effective time management, try to finish one job before starting another. That way, you’ll spend more time focused and have a better performance. 

Delegate tasks for good time management at work

Do you tend to centralize all the work, getting overloaded almost always? So, how about sharing responsibilities with other people on the team? 

Thus, you gain more autonomy, free time and can even dedicate yourself to other pending demands. 

Stop procrastinating for successful time management

Undoubtedly, this is a bad habit that negatively affects your productivity. Procrastination always appears when you need to solve something more complicated. 

A good way to get rid of it is to keep in mind the importance of solving that task and also if the result will come in the short, medium or long term.  

Organize an agenda

Although it’s kind of obvious, this is a very important tip about time management at work. Be sure to organize your appointments for the day in an agenda. 

It could be a paper calendar, Google Calendar or a mobile app. 

Anyway, the most important thing is to keep track of all your goals, appointments and tasks. 

4 time management apps for you to use at work

Now that you know how to start managing time at work, see below 4 apps that will help you manage your tasks.  

Check out! 

  1. Trello:

Trello is a collaborative platform that allows the management and control of activities, in order to increase organization and productivity.  

  1. Pomodoro Technique:

Pomodoro is not an app, but a method to increase productivity.  

It is a solution that organizes blocks of work, each with 25 minutes of total focus. 

With each block, you rest for five minutes. 

When taking the breaks four times, you should rest for 30 minutes and start the cycle again with four blocks of 25 minutes of focus to five of break. 

  1. Rescue Time:

This app monitors the time you spend browsing between web pages.  

So, you can measure how many hours you waste with distractions It’s a good tip for those who work from home office. 

  1. ClickTime:

In addition to tracking task time and schedule, this tool also keeps you updated on your work expenses and income.  

ClickTime also provides more than 80 types of detailed reports to help you improve your work efficiency. 

In conclusion, we hope you have realized how important it is to know how to manage time in the corporate world. 

In this article, we present just a few time management strategies at work. In addition to these, there are several others. Therefore, it is worth doing a test and choosing the method that best suits your needs.