University of Western Australia: Courses, scholarships, and how to apply

University of Western Australia
University of Western Australia


The University of Western Australia is one of the most reputable public universities in the country having its main campus in Perth the capital of Western Australia. It was established in 1911 and has been one of the oldest universities in Australia. The university has produced graduates who have become high-ranking government officials and professionals in different fields. The university which offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs has several resident colleges to accommodate the huge demand for quality education. It is also highly ranked in Australia and the world by various organizations because of the quality of its programs.

What courses are offered at the University of Western Australia?

The University of Western Australia has a variety of courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. There is also a foundation course for those who may not get direct entry into the university to have the chance to develop their skills and English proficiency for a higher course. The school offers a Diploma Course in the area of Computer and Data Science, General Science or Commerce. There are lots of degree awarding programs to choose from in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Arts, Business and Management, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, and several others


The following link could guide you on the types of scholarships available and how to apply for each one of them. There are over hundreds of scholarships available to choose from. These are for both International students and citizens. The number of people who are awarded scholarships of the various categories is limited therefore one needs to be exceptional to be granted the scholarships.



Is University of Western Australia a good university?

Yes! The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a good university. The university of Western Australia is also ranked 88 in the world

Is Western Australia cheap?

Yes! Western Australia has been considered the most affordable place in Australia for housing

Is Western Australia a nice place to live?

Yes! Western Australia is a very nice place to live. Western Australia has a nice weather, great foods, affordable housing and low crime rate. The Western Australia can be considered when looking for a Nice and safe place to live